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24 Hour Emergency Service

24-7 Emergency Electrical Services

Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and the surrounding areas


There are times when electrical problems arise, and you need someone on the job fast. An emergency service electrician can help you with a range of electrical services on short notice while still offering the expertise and experience you lack to do the job on your own. While many people think they can fix their electrical problems with their basic electrical knowledge, a professionally trained electrician can do the job right the first time, saving you time, money, and keeping you out of danger’s reach.

Removal and replacement of damaged fixtures

If too much electricity is sent through your electrical system, the power can surge causing an outlet, and sometimes an entire fixture, to be damaged in a matter of seconds. For fixing the outlet and restoring power quickly to your much-needed outlet and lighting, an electrician who works on an emergency basis can usually be called into action within a few hours.

Fixing An Overloaded Circuit

If you find that your appliances or fixtures sporadically turn off without warning, you may have an overloaded circuit board. An electrician will have the know-how to help you to even-out the power going to different areas of your building.

Your Electrician any time, any day

We understand that emergency electrical problems happen at the worst and most inconvenient times for you and your family. We respond quickly with fully licensed and professional staff and up front pricing.


Set up an appointment to get your electrical work done by licensed professionals.